2017 is Done

Every year, I attend our Church New Year’s Eve service where we ring in the new year.  I volunteered to sing on the choir this time and since NYE was actually on a Sunday this year, that meant 2 services and a VERY long day.

After the morning service, I dropped the kiddo off at a friend’s house that was hosting an NYE luncheon and headed home.  I wanted to give the house a final cleaning and make some  goodies to eat after midnight.  I decided to try out a couple of new recipes,  black-eyed peas with sausage and goat stew.

I also wanted to carve out a couple of hours to nap before heading back to church.

Pretty much everything went as planned except the napping.  I got caught up in binge watching MI:5 on Hulu.  So that was that.

(By the way, I love Hulu.  Getting it was probably the best and worst thing that happened to me in 2017. It has given me so many more shows to watch cheap – I LOVE IT)

Around 9:30  left for church.  The building was much warmer that it was that morning so that was nice.  Everyone was happy and grateful.  I think just knowing that we were saying good-bye to a pretty chaotic year and welcoming in new opportunities added joy to the night.  I know it did for me.

At midnight, Pastor asked us to bring in the new year in prayer.  Here is mine:

A prayer of gratitude

A prayer for blessings

A prayer to be better

A prayer for my daughter’s good health

A prayer for peace

As it turned out, my daughter’s visit turned into a sleepover so I brought in the new year with my German Shepherd.

2017 is done.

How did you bring in your new year?

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