Daily Archives: October 4, 2017

Another day at the dentist


My temporary crown collapsed under a chewing assault during lunch last week. Gross.

I quickly called the dental office because my dentist was very clear. If it came out, call RIGHT AWAY. And I did.  It just happened to be 3 weeks after I was supposed to call to get the appointment to get my permanent crown inserted…

So I called and after a bit of back and forth and was told I could come in the next day for another temporary crown or come in 6 days (the next time my dentist was available to see me) for the permanent.  I went with the 6 day wait.

I am not afraid of the dentist like I hear some others are but, I ALWAYS wait to go into the dentist and it has cost me big time.  Pain, lost crowns, more pain, etc.  You see, my dentist is close to my home but far from my job.  And they have “regular hours” like 8:30 – 5:00.  They don’t seem to like the working girl’s hours, there… I am already at work at 8:00am.

But this time I did call right way, took the first, most appropriate appointment and got ‘er done after much poking, drilling filling and grinding.


The good news?

I didn’t procrastinate this time around and, the procedure was a redo therefore I didn’t have to pay the $600 bill originally designed for me.  Woohoo!

The bad news?


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