Daily Archives: October 10, 2017

Well, that was close!

Last evening, after work and school, Mirror Image and I were on our way to work out (we joined a gym!). We jumped off I-695 and made our way on a popular county road until we stopped at a red light.

At that point, I looked over to my right and saw someone clearly trying to get my attention.  It was a lady with angry face.  I was feeling brave and let down my window to listen.  She let me know that I had NO breaks lights and that she HAD to get from behind me.


I thanked her because, angry face or not, I was grateful to know and to have the opportunity to get it fixed.

“Change of plans” I told Mirror Image.  “What? Why?” Going to the gym is not Mirror Image’s favorite thing to do so I gave her the good news that I was going to let her off at home I was going to zoom to Jiffy Lube to get my lights back in working order before they closed at 7pm.  It was 5:45 at that point.

I was happy and bummed.  Bummed because I was just at Jiffy Lube last month and specifically asked if my braked lights were good to go.  They assured me they were.  Arrrrgggghhh!

Happy, in part, because I was not pulled over by a cop and ticketed with a moving violation which would cost not only the amount of the ticket but likely insurance premium hikes.  I was especially happy though, that I was able to get this taken care of without getting into an accident.  We are in bumper to bumper interstate travel every weekday.  Mirror Image likes to sit in the front seat.  It would break my mother’s heart if she were hurt. We see accidents every day because no one other than me knows how to drive.  Heck, I was struck on that same road and my last car was totaled 2 years ago).  I don’t want that experience ever again.

I am so glad my life has moved to a point where if I discover a problem, I can take care of the problem without wondering when I will have the time or money to take care of it.  Time + Emergency fund = Problem solved.

Oh and the cherries on top? The whole process took less than 30 minutes (We could have still gone to the gym, doy!) and only cost $20.  That is $20 I wasn’t expecting to spend but I would have spent it last month if the problem had been caught and I surely would have paid more than that if ticketed.

The other cherry is that I watched the whole repair.  I can do that!  If there is a next time, I am totally changing my own brake lights.

Tell me, do you do your own car repairs?