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The weekend is here!

I have big plans for the weekend.  I am talking HUGE!

Mirror Image and I are participating in a Community Clean Up event early Saturday morning.  She doesn’t know it, yet.  Hahahah. I like volunteering in activities like these.  It gets us out and about, we meet new people, we get cleaner streets and we get a slice of humble pie.

But the really BIG part is my WONDERFUL family is coming up to help me clean out my sun room…again.

So this is what a sun room should look like

Random internet picture of a sun room

This is what my sun room looks like


So why is a sun room clean up needed again and what does this have to do with personal finance?

I needed their help initially because I had started couponing and I had shampoo, laundry detergent and healthcare items spilling all over the place and could barely get through the room.  I went all in on the original clean up. I purchased sturdy plastic shelving from Ollie’s, moved everything out, mopped the floors, put down carpet tiles over the gross original vinyl tiles, organized all my “deals” and put up new shades from the Home Depot.  We rocked it.  We really did.  The sun room looked great!  For a few months.

Fast forward a year and everything that was moved from the bathroom closet during the bathroom remodel was dumped in the sun room, plus more purchases have wrecked the room again.  It is chaos.

As for personal finance.  I need a kick in the pants for how I let myself get so caught up in spending money  to “save” money via the coupon.  Having to move all that crap out and then move it all back in should just about do it.

I keep my safe hidden in the sun room and now it is covered up by…everything.  I cannot get to it.  I rotate my credits cards regularly but cannot get to them because they are in the safe.  I am thinking of cashing in some old U.S. Savings Bonds but can’t get to them because they are in the safe. And, Mirror Image says her passport is getting ready to expire and guess where that is?

But I have no fear.  The weekend is here! and we are going to kick that sun room’s butt.  And I am never couponing like that again.

Sunday, I am taking the kiddo and her friends to Six Flags.

Yeah what a HUGE weekend!

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