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Library liberation

I like to live thrifty.  And I am loving that so many free and inexpensive services allow me to.

For years now, I have been having a mad, passionate affair with the library.  I have always loved the library in general.  When I was a youth, I used to make it my after school hang out with friends.  But really, I was just flirting.  Courting, if you will.

This is  a full-fledged affair.  And I am not giving it up ;).

About 10 years ago, Mirror Image and I discovered our local library during my lay-off period and I have been hooked since.  It is not the biggest or most glamorous place.  In fact, compared to the libraries of my youth, it feels small to me.  But it is awesome, nonetheless.

Books of course, are available for the traditional library user.  But there is so. much. more. Not working at the time, I spent days there when Mirror Image was in Pre-K.  Watching movies on my laptop so as to not have to pay the $1 current movie fee.  $1 for a movie!  The policy has changed now and all movies are FREE to rent.

And the opportunity to catch up on whole television series, domestic and foreign has given me a sense of openness to other types of entertainment and a sense of closure for series that I lost track of over the years (here’s to you CHUCK!).

Oh and the books! Bound books, audio books, books on CD, electronic books.  All for free.  Years ago, I spent sooo much money on books (Devil Wears Prada, Shopaholic, The Next Big Thing, Undead, etc.) And yet, the library had those same titles, at no cost whatsoever.  Well, no more of that nonsense.

I now regularly save the price of going to the movie theater, reading the latest books and attending the occasional community event, compliments of my local library and trust me I take full advantage of it.

For instance, Mirror Image is not a big talker in the mornings and I drive her 45 minutes to school every day.  So I pop in a book on CD for the ride and boy has my book per month average zoomed up.

I have been enjoying new to me authors like Maya Banks, Thea Harrison and my current obsession, Jen McKinlay.  She has a cupcake mystery book series that is delicious (see what I did there?).  I am on book 6, I think – Red Velvet Revenge.

Last week, I even had Mirror Image and I listen to the CD of the book they are reading in her literature class. She didn’t overly appreciate the experience but I really enjoyed knowing the kind of literature she is being introduced to – Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  Great book, well written and well narrated but hard to hear considering the subject matter.  Heck, she might even get an A because of her independent work :).

Speaking of the school, Mirror Image asked to go the the library to get the big book of College Majors so she could do some research.  We did and she has decided on Atmospheric Sciences as a major after an hour of flipping through the book.  Now, I am excited.

The public library, I am a fan.

Have you even checked out a movie or book or audio book from your local library?

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