Celebrating Valentine’s Day – The Thrifty Way!

Pooh Piglet Valentine

Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  Here is how the Thrifty Image household spent our Valentine’s Day:

Happy Valentine’s Day to me! I started the day by walking the 70 pound German Shepherd in the 5 degree weather at 6:30am. Crazy cold weather makes me walk faster which is just fine with the Thrifty Pooch.

Half hour later, Thrifty Pooch is eating breakfast while I take a shower to warm up and get ready for Church.  Mirror Image is still sleeping so I sneak her Valentine’s present into her room.

Mirror Image is slooow to rise but is groggily thankful for the Valentine’s Day socks and the massive box of Sugar Babies I got her. She wanted to have some of the Valentine’d Day cake she had made the night before for breakfast. I scratched that idea.

Off to church we go!

After Church, we ventured back to the Dollar Tree.  This is my 3rd visit since Friday.  Since it is tax-free weekend in Maryland, I decide to buy the organization baskets sooner for the sun room project rather than later.

Once home, I made Mirror Image several vegetarian dishes to counteract the MASSIVE amount of Valentine’s cake and candy she ate at Sunday School.  We enjoyed Parmesan Roasted Broccoli and Corn Avocado Salad.  She also had green peas and a green salad.

Mirror Image handed me a homemade card and later, we enjoyed the The Princess Bride 2 and some yummy oven baked ribs I made for Mirror Image because she LOVES them and they are unbelievably AWESOME. Oh, and she ate MORE cake.

Then a walk around the block for the Thrifty Pooch and me and we returned to a warm inviting home where we wound down for the night — with the adult of the house enjoying the Walking Dead premiere.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to celebrate and enjoy Valentine’s Day. For me, it means being with the people I love, sharing the food I love and showing love.

How did you spend (or save) Valentine’s Day?

Thrifty Image Mirror