Cleaning Up for Financial Success


This is the time of year for listing and embarking on goals for the new year.  Eat better.  Save more.  Exercise. These are all important goals but this is not that kind of post.

This weekend, the Thrifty Image household is embarking on one of it most exciting yearly projects — cleaning up after the holidays!  What, this doesn’t excite you?

We are taking down the tree, wrapping up the ornaments, getting the last of the presents up from the festive floor in the corner and into the appropriate closets and drawers and then…the work really starts.

I have found the post holiday cleaning ritual helpful as a clean break from the frenzied but fun pace of the holidays, and a helpful level set to the nesting and preparation and contemplation of the new year. I have found that breaking out the cleaning caddy full of gloves, rags, polishes and cleansers gets us closer to what we have.  Scrubbing the bathroom floor on your knees lets you find that diamond earring that fell under the radiator.  Cleaning the underside of the window blinds alerts you to any drafts coming through gaps that you haven’t noticed before. Dusting your home office (where you threw the excess stuff that didn’t have a home as you prepared for Christmas guests) allows you to start eyeing your financial paperwork as you start thinking about tax preparation.

Largely, though, cleaning gets you up close and personal to your possessions.  And once your get personal, your can have some important personal conversations:

  • To the missing blouse you found under the bed I have missed you.  I am glad you are back in my life again.
  • To the junk you put aside so that you could donate it but never got around to said donation It has been fun but, I am moving on.
  • To that diamond earring you found – You are so pretty, I know someone that would be a perfect match for you.

Using what you have (no need to purchase another!), giving away what you don’t but that could be a blessing to someone else (tax break!)  and putting your stuff  in order (declutter!)  all work together for financial success.  And, or course, a clean house is a healthy house which equals not spending unnecessarily on medical visits and possible medications. It’s a clean thing!

Are you ready to bust some suds?

Thrifty Image Mirror