Couldn’t Help Myself…

Dollar Tree Toilet Paper

On the way in to work this morning, I stopped at the Dollar Tree to buy, you guessed it…toilet paper.

I have never used this brand before but the price was right, the line was short and the storm is coming.

I had to do it. Last night, after having run storm errands, I came home to find that unlike the 5 rolls I thought we had left, we actually had 2.  Now 2 is plenty for a regular week.  But this is a STORM.  Anything could happen and not having more toilet paper didn’t feel good to me (because those people on tv told me that it wasn’t good for me).

What felt worse however, was the idea of being in another long Walmart/Target/Aldi line for the privilege of toilet paper.  I made a deal with myself. If the Dollar Tree near the Library was open (I had to return some items this morning) I was going in.  I didn’t even know the Dollar Tree opened at 8am.

Oh, and I picked up so disposable plates, a new flashlight for the car, some facial tissue, some doggy snacks and a movie pack of Sugar Babies for Mirror Image.

OK now I ready for the snow storm Happy Face Wink.

Thrifty Image Mirror