Ending the Year


I had a few use or lose days left in 2017 and decided that ending the year doing lazy things at home with the kid would be a good use of that PTO.  I was hoping  they would be cheap days, too.

Just a little background, Thrifty Image, Jr. made out like a bandit with Christmas cash and cards. In addition to the actual gifts of clothes and specialty snacks, she received over $100 cash and $75 in department store and Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards.

Well, off we went on Tuesday to THE MALL. She had to (HAD TO!) use her cash for slides from Victoria Secrets Pink.  They were $40. Why spend $40 on slides?  They are pretty.  I could not talk her out of it.  And believe me, I talked and talked and talked. I used my BBB 20% off coupon and bought a big bag of pistachios while at THE MALL.

Wednesday, after her eye appointment at America’s Best (fun fact, after 2 years of forgetting, I finally remembered to use my employer sponsored vision benefit and we saved money on the exam and new glasses – what a concept), we went to use her $50 gift card at a different MALL. It took her almost an hour to decide on the 2 items she wanted.  A teal  hoodie and a athletic bottle with a fitness tracker and ear buds inside.  Both were to be marked down to $17.99 each.  Making her final bill, with tax around $38 according to my math.

Well, I decided I had had enough standing around and went to wait for her in the car while she waited in the SLOW line.

Out she come 3 hours later (maybe 15 minutes) and off we go.

“How much did it come to?”  $49.81″ she replied. Ugh…

We looked at the receipt (while I was driving – NEVER do this).  The athletic bottle was charged at $29.99.  Who pays $30 for a bottle I want to know? She was sure she was charged $17.99.  I asked her to show me exactly where on the receipt was this mysterious $17.99.  She said it was “difficult”.  I turned around, went back to the Mall of slow lines and made her get her corrected price and resulting refund of over $12.

She left over $12 on the table simply because she was not paying attention!

Again for context, my kid is a math whiz!  I am so proud of her skill in that area. But she is also a little careless.  I think it is the age – 13.  It was more important to her to leave with something shiny and new than to make sure she was getting the right prices.

Well, I am never one to walk away from a money lesson opportunity so I shared with her one of my favorite isms.  Darling daughter, let this be yet another lesson to you that no one cares as much about your money as you do.  So watch it!

I think she tuned me out.  She is a teenager after all.

The whole week was not all about her, though!  Yesterday, I went to the second run theater up the beltway and caught THOR:RAGNORAK finally.  $3.50 matinee price.  I enjoyed the movie and I loved the price.  I go the movies very seldom but I knew I wanted to see this on the big screen and $3.50 is an awesome price for a movie these days. Keeping it thrifty while ending the year.

Oh yeah, I also took many naps while noshing on leftovers!

Thrifty Image