Feeling kind of smug…

This weekend was busy.  Crazy, over scheduled busy. Like, there were so many times I thought I was going to give up scheduled plans, busy.

But I didn’t and am feeling kind of smug about it.

Yes, we did work out Friday night at the gym (before diving face first into a can of Lime-a-rita.  I got it with a $3 rebate from Ibotta!)

Yes, we did participate in the local community clean up early Saturday morning.

Yes, we did clean, Clean, CLEAN the sun room after the community clean up with the help of my awesome family. I was able to get my hands on Mirror Image’s passport and it expires in March.  Need to work on that now!

Yes, we did go to church, then to the grocery store  and then to Six Flags Sunday.  Loooooong lines for food and long lines for rides included.

Yes, I did drive 1 hour home from Six Flags Sunday night to prepare fried chicken for lunches this week because Mirror Image LOVES my fried chicken.

And finally, yes I did ignore the dishes in the sink last night after looking at the clock and seeing 10:23pm look back at me.  I was too exhausted to do another thing. (Yes, I did do them first thing this morning.  I can’t stand dirty dishes.)

I did everything we planned to do while not spending any budgeted dollars and I am feeling really smug about it.

How was your weekend?

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