Happy Valentine’s Day

It is fun to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

In the money-saving world, celebrating V Day is one of those “do I or don’t I?” situations.

When I was younger, cuter and thinner, I had SO MANY VALENTINES.  Nice and generous boys who had arms filled with flowers, candy, dinner reservations and more.  Those were nice times but I have to say, I have moved on and don’t much miss the day, the crowds, the prep work or the expense associated with them.

But I don’t begrudge anyone that loves to celebrate the day.  After all, why not celebrate love?  It is certainly better than celebrating hate (according to me).

I wonder if my daughter will feel the same way one day.

On Saturday while we were walking around the local mall, she mentioned she wished she had a boyfriend (at 13!!!) to celebrate V Day with.  At that point I remembered that earlier, she shared with me that she had friends from school whose boyfriends were taking them shopping for V Day (at 13!!!!).  Ugh.

Of course I used that opportunity for a life lesson (as usual).  We (I) talked about how believing that one needed a man to provide for her is a life limiting belief.  We (I) talked about age appropriateness.  We (I) talked about how kissing spreads cooties and that it is still flu season so no boyfriend thank you very much!  My kid is pretty great but she is very much a girl of her times and social network.  A boyfriend who takes her shopping?  Wasn’t even a thought when I was a child.

But!  I still want her to have a happy Valentine’s Day so I am replaying last year’s celebration.  Dinner prepared, by me, for my best girl.  On a budget, of course.  Here is how it goes:

  • Broiled lobster @ $11.99 from Aldi
  • Homemade Goat stew @ $12 from Lotte Asian Market
  • Candy @ $2 from the Dollar Tree

Yummy, inexpensive, no crowds and my favorite girl.  This is a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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