Here Comes Baby!


I am going to be an aunt!

My dear Sister Thrifty Image is going to bring a new little one into the family! And what is just as cute as baby clothes?  This awesome baby sonogram long sleeve t-shirt from Zazzle!

Now it is true that I have committed to zero apparel purchases for myself in 2016 (minus that pack of hi-cut briefs I purchased at WalMart before said commitment).  However, I have a gifts and donations category of my budget that can be used for this and use it I will.  And, normally I buy nothing full-priced, especially online where promotion codes can often be found at or through cashback incentives with  As it turns out, I won’t have to.  Zazzle is having their Semi-annual sale now through Wednesday and I get this darling shirt for 30% off using this code –  SEMIYEARSALE. And, I get to shop using the site for 2.5% cash back. Hot dog!

It is long sleeve for the winter and perfect for her personality. I have no doubt she will enjoy it.

I have to admit, this is one of those times I wish I were a bit crafty.  I would love to tackle making something like this for her myself.

This is the great thing about being thrifty with money.  When that special occasion comes along and you want to bless someone, you can. There are savings to be used and promotions and sales to make it stretch. As long as the shopping occasions are truly special and occasional, not random, ordinary and based on the wrong agenda, your budget and your goals won’t suffer.

What do you think?  Isn’t this the MOST adorable shirt?

Thrifty Image Mirror