How Frustrating

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I had an experience at Walmart recently that left me extremely frustrated.  Expensively frustrated.

While I know that Walmart isn’t perfect (no business is), I have never been anti Walmart.  I have always found it a reasonable place to go for inexpensive items I need for my life.  That could be flashlights, food, beauty items, etc.  In fact, in August, I purchased a laptop and printer from for Mirror Image to use now that she has transitioned to Middle School.

So it was for said printer that I returned to Walmart for replacement ink cartridges.  I purchased $42 worth of HP printer products from the local Walmart.   I went home and…nothing.  The printer wouldn’t read the cartridges. While disappointing, I knew that I had a 30 day exchange window and would try again.

Boy was I wrong.

7 days later, I am at the Customer Service (hah!) counter having a disturbing conversation with an assistant manager about how cartridges could not be exchanged if opened. How do I know that it does or does not work if I can’t open it? Sorry, I can’t do it. Fine, what is the resolution, then?  I spent $42 here in good faith expecting to get a product to use as advertised. Walmart doesn’t refund or exchange cartridges that are open.  I can’t help you. Who can?  My manager and he is not here.  Fine, I will wait while you call him.  I can’t do that – I don’t have his number.  Blah, blah, blah…

This circular, fruitless conversation went on for a loooong time.  My request for resolution and feedback from someone in charge yet, with no authority to do anything except say silly unhelpful words and repeat that she cannot contact her manager.

Funny. When I was in retail, I could always contact my manager if there was a problem.  I would think Walmart has more problems than most considering how omnipresent they are.

So, in addition to paying $42 for products I can never use, I have learned a lesson. I can start shopping other places instead –   like Target or Amazon.  In fact, the same black & white and color cartridges I got from Walmart for $42, I purchased for $28 from Amazon.  With FREE shipping. I lost some money in the short term with Walmart but will recoup it in lower prices going forward with other retailers.

So yes I am disappointed but, no one is forcing me to continue to shop at Walmart.  And I won’t.

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