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I love the movies.  However, I rarely go to the movies anymore.  My daughter is too young for the bang em up crash em up and beat em up movies I like (Jason Stratham – I love you). And it is really quite expensive to go to the movies these days.  Sure there are matinees, I guess but still it’s not cheap date.  So, I have taken to waiting for the good stuff to come to my local library where I rent it for FREE (minus any fines or late fees DOH!).

But a happy discovery  has brought the theater experience back to me life.  It’s an updated version of the second run theaters from my youth.  In this day of movie house monopolies and megaplexes, I thought they had gone the way of the Dodo.  But lo and behold, I found one..  The Beltway Movie 6.  It came up on my search when I was looking to take my favorite mini me to the movies to see Cinderella last year.  It had already been out for a while and wasn’t at the regularly featured complexes.  So I just searched for the movie and there came Beltway Movies.  I didn’t bother to look up the price.  Why bother?  Everything is highway robbery anyhow.  Plus, I wanted to get my Disney on!  Well, imagine my surprise when the nice teenager asked me for $7.00 for Mirror Image and me.  I usually pay that and more for one single ticket.  I just put it on my Chase Sapphire Preferred (just got the awesome new metal card with chip technology whose awesomeness I will describe on another post) and marveled at the bargain.  This required more data.

Here is what I would pay there in these categories:

Admission Prices

Matinee All shows (before 4pm)            $3.50

Adults                                                           $4.50

Seniors (62 and over)                                             $3.50

Children (12 and under)                                       $3.50

3D Upcharge                                             $2.00

Can anyone say chi ching?!?! Yes it is not the $1 or $2 I paid in my youth to see second runs but still a bargain nonetheless.

Compare that to prices ranging from $6 to $13.50.  That includes matinees, student/veteran/children and senior discounting.

Clearly I have found the new place for our occasional cinematic treat.  We won’t go crazy with this new gift.  After all, money spent is still money not saved but when the urge to watch the silver screen can’t be squashed, I will head to Beltway Movies 6.

Do you use second run theaters?  How much is your theater bill?


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