New Year, New Blog

Keep Calm and Set New Goals

Well, there is no going back and that is a good thing!

Welcome to 2016 and my new blog — where I will share some random goodness, hard earned lessons, some occasional angst, and a funny story or two as I record and keep my personal finance goals.

This has been over one year in planning but I really feel the need to click this forward now thatĀ the holidays have subsided. Gift giving is great but whew! Expensive.

Plus, there are some stomach churning conversations happening in the Thrifty Image household regarding conspicuous consumption and the acquisition of STUFF!

I plan to work through some of this pain with you, right here on this blog (thank you very much!).

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I have found the PF Blogger community to be awesome and full of great ideas and wisdom and together, 2016 will be the beginning of great things!

Happy New Year!

Thrifty ImageĀ Mirror