Picking up change

Picked up change

Found money

I love picking up change off the ground when walking.  I pick up dollars off the ground (but that is rare).

I actively engage in picking up coins off the ground when walking.

I incorporate others into picking up coins.  Like Mirror Image.

I don’t simply walk down a street, I scout the area looking for change as  I walk.

Sometimes, I walk simply expecting to pick up pennies.

Yesterday morning, I set about my usual ritual of dog walking.  But…it was Sunday.  I have particular plans for Sunday morning walks.

I live near several convenience businesses.  Take out restaurants,  Dunkins’,  7-Eleven and the like,  Theses kinds of places are useful for change scouting. And scout I do.  But…Sunday mornings come after Saturdays.  And Saturdays seems to have given folks more permission to be a little less careful with their loose change.  People haven’t quite put all their change in their pockets or purses before they fall to the ground.  That is, based on my experience of picking up change many different days of the week.

So off Thrifty Pooch and I went on our walk to start the day and I scouted change in the strip mall where I always have eventual success and picked up…nothing.  Not even a penny this time.  That was surprising but not shocking.  I don’t pick up change everyday.  So I just kept walking.

Down the street, around the corner, back to my street, enjoying the cool(ish) Sunday morning air.

And what do I see winking at me? 52 cents in nickels, pennies and dimes in one square foot radius!  It took me forever to pick up all the change, practically right outside my down yet in the middle of the street.  Good thing I was walking.  And looking down.

I have kept all the coin change I have found over the last 2 years in the jacket I wear during my walks.  I don’t know if or when I will ever spend it.  Perhaps I will just let it get super heavy in my pocket.  I like the feel of money in my pocket.e

The most money I have picked up in the last few years at one time was $16 leaving a Burger King parking lot.  I gave $10 to Mirror Image and took $6 to pay for the burger meal she asked up to stop for in the first place.

The most money I ever picked up was $100.  2 crisp $50 bills at a subway machine.  It was 30 years ago and I was SUPER pumped.

Still, picking up coins is my favorite.

Do you bother picking up change?  What is the most loose change you have ever found?