Putting Most of my Eggs in One Basket

I have had a lot of jobs.  A LOT of jobs.  Great jobs.  Not so great jobs. But truly, a lot of jobs.

Every one of my full-time jobs came with the benefit of a 401K or equivalent.  They were rarely with the same Company.  I have had investments with AIG (remember them?), Valic, Vanguard, TIAA-Cref, Fidelity and more.

Like I said, I have had a lot of jobs but now I don’t want to have a lot of stuff to keep track of.  I have a couple hundred thousand spread out among all those retirement brokers and I was finally able to get a true sense of what my financial position was when I listed them all in Mint.  But I was still dissatisfied.  So I finally (FINALLY) I got it all together and embarked on what was a 2 day project and turned it into a year-long event.

In other words, I procrastinated.  And procrastination cost…for realz!

By procrastinating, I blew the 1 year of free management they offer for new customers. And I lost what tax loss harvesting advantages I would have accrued during that year but!  I did it and the more I do, the more I will learn that there is more I can do.

So it went like this, a year ago I signed up for Betterment after seeing an ad pop up on Mint. I signed up after comparing it to Wealthfront and later Schwab Intelligent Portfolios when they launched.  I really wanted it to be Schwab.  I have had my major accounts with Schwab for over 10 years.  I do everything important with them including my original mortgage.  But it wasn’t to be.

I decided on Betterment because I liked that it was IRA focused and I really like all the tools that are part of the Premium service that I decided to splurge on.

The rolling over of my current accounts wasn’t necessarily fun but it wasn’t hard.  I just made it hard by dragging it out and making it a bigger deal in my mind. Truth is, Betterment did most of the work.  They provided my with instructions, pre-filled in documents to send to my current firms and they would send me progress reports.  It is done!  Well, almost.  After rolling over more than $12,000 from my accounts, TIAA is hanging on to my last $800 there.  They actually sent me a letter telling me that Betterment isn’t an approved recipient for my funds.  This AFTER already sending thousands of dollars to Betterment already.

I will call TIAA to straighten this out son but am currently procrastinating…

I am enjoying the ease of interacting with my account.  I love how easy it is to use the tools to manage my future goals.  I am excited thinking this will add to my bottom line when it is time to retire.

I love being able to say “I did it!”

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