Snow’s Coming — Must Spend Money!

Snow Storm

I think there are many things that can knock a person off track.  Nature is the king of the knockout punch, I think.

It was yesterday when I finally started listening to the reports of the impending snow storm and it is sounding like some kind of apocalypse event.  I have seen pictures on the web of empty grocery store shelves, I have heard politicians telling people to get off the road and it hasn’t even started snowing yet.

Even my mom sent me a list of instructions for prepping for and surviving the storm.

All of this will have a short-term impact on my finances this week.  There is no sum too big for safety and peace of mind but there will be an impact nonetheless.  Here is what I see:

$14     Emergency Dog Food

$20     Emergency Aldi Run

$19     Emergency gasoline fill up

$100  Emergency cash on hand

$10     Ice Melt (2 bags)

$10    Additional power usage due to

extra movie time and baking homemade yummies

I am beginning to regret waiting until tonight to grocery shop and get our movies from the library based on this post. Now I wish that I had gone last night but, I refuse to worry.  We have a freezer full of food.  So worse comes to worse, I will have to go without frozen smoothies for a couple of days and Mirror Image will have to drink hot tea rather than her Copycat Starbucks White Hot Chocolate that she makes every wintry day now.

And that is just our little household.  I heard that there were hundreds of accidents last night when a surprising dusting of snow fell  during late rush hour last night.  Imagine all the medical bills, auto insurance deductibles and tow fees that are racking up and knocking folks off their budget.  These are the times when the Emergency Fund is a helpful friend.

Bring it on storm! We have our plan, we have our newly fixed furnace (future post) and we have our shovel. As long as we are together and safe, that is all that matters.

Thrifty Image Mirror