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FREE Slurpee


When I picked Mirror Image up from Summer Camp yesterday she asked to go to 7-Eleven for a FREE Slurpee.  Okaaaaaay.

I balked.  I haven’t stepped inside a 7-Eleven in years.  And even though the nostalgic memories of sweet Slurpees during the summer of my youth were pleasant enough, I just wanted to go home.  And when I saw the throngs of kids collecting in front of the convenience store, I was sure this was not my adventure.

But, after we passed the second 7-Eleven she asked again and I caved.  Why not?

The scene was lively.  Cars coming and going.  I let her out to go get her treat and I waited.  But not long.  She was out almost immediately with a very yummy looking red concoction in her hand. And at that moment, I wanted an ice-cold Slurpee, too.

I went to get a Pina Colada flavored treat made to order for me by the Slurpee barrista (that’s not right, is it?).  It was yummy.

The funniest part?  Mirror Image didn’t like the flavor she chose and has already decided that next year on free Slurpee day, she would get the Pina Colada like me.

Sounds like a plan.

Thrifty Image

That Time I Wasted Money – On a Boat Ride

You're Invited

Until recently, the majority of jobs I have held had an interesting perk built-in.  That was the perk of the INVITATION. Invitations to sporting events, concerts, parties and more.  The majority of these invitations included all of the great stuff to make an evening awesome, food, drinks, parking and swag.  Ahhh, what a life.

Not content in my youth to just be happy with the awesome free stuff, sometimes I would still  spend, waste contribute monetarily and unnecessarily.  I think it was the excitement.  Or the peer pressure.  Or stupidity.  But this is one of those wasteful moments whose memory never leaves me for long.  And this happened almost 20 years ago so clearly, I am still annoyed with myself.  It started out innocently enough…

My boss and I went to a gala fundraiser for who knows what, as representatives for our organization.  I was able to dress up, eat and drink all I want and meet interesting and fun people – for free!  What more did I need?  Nothing.  I needed nothing.  That didn’t stop me from wanting something.

The thing is, I didn’t know that I wanted something until someone told me I did.  And they told me in the form of the dreaded ‘auction’. That part of the evening that raises more money for the event by getting people excited to part with their dollars by showing shiny stuff on stage.

I like shiny things A LOT.

The item for auction was a day cruise.  And for some reason, perhaps the people at my table telling me to go for it, I had to needed that cruise.  So I bid.  $100.

Then $200.

Then $300.

Then final and winning bid of $400.

$400 was a lot of my back then and when I went to the event, I had no intention of walking out with  $400 charged on my card. Yet, I did.  Some interesting finance writer would share that if I had just invested that $400 twenty years ago, it would be worth over $1800 now at 8% compounded interest.  Heck, if I had just gone our for a really great meal with a friend it would have been more valuable to me ultimately due to the buyer’s remorse.

There is a lot to be said for shutting out the voices that make you want to act like an idiot with your money.  There is a lot to be said about making a plan  before you have to act.  That way, you can plan to act right.  There is also a lot to be said for making a mistake, learning from it and letting it go.

And the worst part? I never went on that cruise.  Just shoved the certificate some where and it got lost eventually. So no $400, no great meal with a friend and no $1,800 with accumulated interest.  Just a lesson in money management that I paid $400 dollars for.



Thrifty Image

Couldn’t Help Myself…

Dollar Tree Toilet Paper

On the way in to work this morning, I stopped at the Dollar Tree to buy, you guessed it…toilet paper.

I have never used this brand before but the price was right, the line was short and the storm is coming.

I had to do it. Last night, after having run storm errands, I came home to find that unlike the 5 rolls I thought we had left, we actually had 2.  Now 2 is plenty for a regular week.  But this is a STORM.  Anything could happen and not having more toilet paper didn’t feel good to me (because those people on tv told me that it wasn’t good for me).

What felt worse however, was the idea of being in another long Walmart/Target/Aldi line for the privilege of toilet paper.  I made a deal with myself. If the Dollar Tree near the Library was open (I had to return some items this morning) I was going in.  I didn’t even know the Dollar Tree opened at 8am.

Oh, and I picked up so disposable plates, a new flashlight for the car, some facial tissue, some doggy snacks and a movie pack of Sugar Babies for Mirror Image.

OK now I ready for the snow storm Happy Face Wink.

Thrifty Image Mirror

Snow’s Coming — Must Spend Money!

Snow Storm

I think there are many things that can knock a person off track.  Nature is the king of the knockout punch, I think.

It was yesterday when I finally started listening to the reports of the impending snow storm and it is sounding like some kind of apocalypse event.  I have seen pictures on the web of empty grocery store shelves, I have heard politicians telling people to get off the road and it hasn’t even started snowing yet.

Even my mom sent me a list of instructions for prepping for and surviving the storm.

All of this will have a short-term impact on my finances this week.  There is no sum too big for safety and peace of mind but there will be an impact nonetheless.  Here is what I see:

$14     Emergency Dog Food

$20     Emergency Aldi Run

$19     Emergency gasoline fill up

$100  Emergency cash on hand

$10     Ice Melt (2 bags)

$10    Additional power usage due to

extra movie time and baking homemade yummies

I am beginning to regret waiting until tonight to grocery shop and get our movies from the library based on this post. Now I wish that I had gone last night but, I refuse to worry.  We have a freezer full of food.  So worse comes to worse, I will have to go without frozen smoothies for a couple of days and Mirror Image will have to drink hot tea rather than her Copycat Starbucks White Hot Chocolate that she makes every wintry day now.

And that is just our little household.  I heard that there were hundreds of accidents last night when a surprising dusting of snow fell  during late rush hour last night.  Imagine all the medical bills, auto insurance deductibles and tow fees that are racking up and knocking folks off their budget.  These are the times when the Emergency Fund is a helpful friend.

Bring it on storm! We have our plan, we have our newly fixed furnace (future post) and we have our shovel. As long as we are together and safe, that is all that matters.

Thrifty Image Mirror