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Changing Car Insurances – Again!


Sometimes I feel like it costs a lot to save a lot.

In this case I mean the high cost of insurance to negate the high cost of a potential car incident claim.  To be specific, that is a cost of $1,100 for six months.

If you read an earlier post where I was ridiculously pleased with myself for changing insurance companies to get a better rate, then this post should seem a bit odd.  For me, finding out my insurance increased by about $300 in one period, I found it very odd.  Not accidents.  No claims. Just an increase.

When I finally realized the extreme increase, I called Progressive and said “huh wha?”  The response was that the elimination of a one time $75 discount and the rest was a general rate increase.  There is nothing general about a $300 rate increase.

Thank goodness for the creation of the modern interweb and insurance comparison sites. After checking several – including Esurance, State Farm and Geico –  I signed up with Geico for about $115 per month.  That is about $70 less per month I would have paid with Progressive had I stayed and the policies are comparable.

My guess is that going forward, I will need to shop yearly for insurance.  The companies are resetting rates quicker and higher than I have experienced in the past and I am unwilling to keep paying higher just because of “general rate increases” that have nothing to do with my personal driving record.

The good news is, getting a discount on what I was paying will make room for the new added Allowance line item in the budget.

Question – at what point do you decide to forego Comprehensive coverage form your policy?  Age of car?  Kelly Blue Book value of car?  Amount in savings account to replace the car with cash? I am curious.

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New Car Insurance — Finally


Last week (3 months late), I finally acted and switched my auto insurance from my current provider to Progressive.  I have had Progressive before and have no issues with being a member but ultimately, my choice was based on premiums.

Three months ago, my auto insurance renewed at $149.50 per month!  This was including a discount that came with a home policy as well.  That renewal was a $30 increase from the previous six months.  This increase was put in place even though 3 full years had elapsed since I had received a speeding ticket (boo!) and had dropped off my record. So when my company showed no interest in working with me, I looked at my options.

I checked with Esurance and Progressive, both with similar coverage and rates at $100 or less each month.  Even with losing the bundle discount from not keeping my home and auto policies with one provider, ultimately going with Progressive saves me about $60 per month. That is about $720 per year.

What I have noticed about insurance companies is that after a certain time, they increase rates exorbitantly. So, my charge is to drive safely, earn no violations and keep aware of better offers in the future.  For now, I am extremely pleased that I took care of this (belatedly, no doubt) and am getting my fall finances in order.

Next project, complete my tax returns!

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Weekend Money


The weekend is here and that means a loosening of the schedule, running of errands and spending some money.  At least that is how we do it in my neck of the woods.

Almost every weekend, when Mirror Image  and I venture out to run errands, we drive by a large Bank of America with a large parking lot that is across the street from a small PNC bank with a tiny parking lot.  Those places are usually packed.

I am inevitably stopped at a light at this intersection and while waiting, I make the usual observation that “folks are getting their weekend money”.   This use to fascinate my daughter.  Now  she doesn’t even look up from playing her free Minecraft imitation game on her FreedomPop phone.  Yes, I do say it a lot.  Not to judge.  Just as a funny observation.  I hate going to banks.  I bank electronically.  Hadn’t stepped foot in one in years before we set up Mirror Image’s savings account to hold her birthday money at the PNC across the street.  But clearly others still enjoy the process of going in to complete their money transactions or walking up to an ATM to do the same.

I started thinking though, that I can play the weekend money game, too.  I am going to pre-spend here on this post, then reconcile on Monday.  I plan for this to be another avenue of accountability and budgeting.  So here we go:

  • Church donation = $28
  • Groceries = $60
  • Dollar Tree = $30
  • Safelite (cracked window) = $0
  • Clothes Shopping = $0
  • Auntie’s B-day gifts = $100
  • Sam’s Club Rotisserie Chicken = $0
  • Zips Dry Cleaning = $0
  • Prescriptions = $20
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum = $0
  • Total = $238

Groceries will be tricky. My usual weekly grocery goal is $40. Mirror Image is a foodie like me. And she has been cooped up in the house all week because of school closures due to the storm.  She is going to want to eat her freedom via her mom’s mad cooking skills.  Aldi has some awesome yummies in the ad this week so hopefully this will help me stay on budget.

I have discovered that Dollar Tree accepts coupons for real!  Last year I tried to use one when  I saw the sign but the cashier was clueless so I just gave up.  Well, thanks to youtube, I found out that coupons actually are accepted and I plan of stocking up on cleaning supplies and dog snacks.  I have coupons for Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, Puffs Tissue, Bounty and Canine Carry Outs.  All of these products are currently being sold at the Dollar Tree.

My windshield is a victim of the storm that came rolling through. I discovered the crack and feather driving home last night.  But no issues because I have insurance!  Nationwide covers windshield repair at 100%.  And Safelite will come to me tomorrow morning (I set up the appointment online). My prayer is that this is a true repair and not a replacement. If I have to replace it, my deductible is $400.

It is Auntie’s birthday next week! She will be 81. Flowers, gifts and homemade cupcakes for the birthday girl.

I am not buying any clothes in 2016.

No dry cleaning necessary this week.

I purchased a Sam’s Club membership last year through Groupon.  I got the $45 option which gave me one year of membership, a $20 gift card to spend and a:

  • Free rotisserie chicken (2.75lb—$4.98 value)
  • Free Daily Chef Breakfast Pastry Platter (54 ct—$19.98 value)
  • $14 Off a $14.98 Daily Chef 7-Flavor Cheesecake

I love this deal because I basically got all my money back and then some. This weekend is all about the rotisserie chicken.  Because of my 30 day Water Challenge, I have used none of my restaurant budget this month.  Getting this chicken for FREE will be a nice treat without budgetary impact.

While at Sam’s Club.  I hope to pick up a prescription.  This will be my first time using their prescription services and I am hopeful that the price difference is as significant as I have heard.  According to the price list online, I should see great savings.

I mentioned that Mirror Image has been inside all week (except for walking the dog with me).  I picked up some Ripley’s Believe it of Not Museum tickets through Groupon last month for $18 for 2 entrants.  We may catch the commuter train downtown and visit the Museum and celebrate her excellent report card.  Not extra costs here.

So that’s the weekend money plan.  Looking forward to Monday’s accounting.

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