Things I Miss

Good-bye sad face waving

Not necessarily a personal financial post but still…

I miss JD Roth providing the majority of content and “feel” for Get Rich Slowly.  It is awesome that he has transitioned on his own terms. And no doubt the writers over there have A LOT of great info (I especially love Honey Smith’s blog voice) I just miss his personal connection, life stories and stuff

I miss Gail Vox Oxlade’s television shows – Till Debt Do Us Part, Princess, etc.

I miss watching TLC’s Extreme Couponers

I miss coupons that don’t expire or make you get two items instead of one to get the discount.

I miss getting free cell phone and cable services (I use to work for cable and mobile phone companies)

I miss cheap Chinese food (Can somebody pinpoint for me the year when Chinese food prices got expensive??  I missed it.  Like one year the last meal I had was$6 for a dinner entrée and now it is $12 to get out the door with shrimp lo mein!)

I miss bus transfers that were free

I miss penny candy that cost a penny

Oh look, turned out to be a post about personal finance after all.

Sort of…

Enjoy what you have  today because it can be gone tomorrow!

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