Walking the Talk


I have been in Marketing and Public Relations for years. I have worked for small, large, private and public.  The faces and locations change but one thing that does not, is The Plan.  The Marketing Plan, that is.  I have never had a boss that hired me without the intention of having me create, and follow, a Marketing Plan.  The Plan shared our mission, our opportunities and limitations, our strategies, our budget and our timeline.  It made us, especially me, accountable.

If we got more customers by following the Marketing Plan, then it was a good plan.  If we did not get and or keep customers following the Plan, it was a bad plan and should be created better the next year.  If we did not follow the plan, I was a bad manager.

The same goes with money and decisions around money.  I see, both in my own life and in the purchasing and money management by others, how operating without a plan leads outcomes that are not ideal.

Buy a a home without a plan? No down payment and potentially higher mortgage interest.  No discretionary spending plan? Too much month left at the end of the money.  No credit payment plan? Expanded debt, delayed payments to creditors and lower credit score.  No estate plans? Family left to grieve and dig their way through the finances of the dead.

For years I have been able to give everyone what they needed with excellent Marketing Plans with successful results.  For years, I have been able to offer great advice to friends and family on what they should do to manage their money but, while I was doing OK, I didn’t do everything I could and should.  I never had to be accountable because it was only me.  I have decided to change that in 2016.

OK is no longer good enough.

It won’t be enough to know where my my money is. I will make it work smarter for me.

It won’t be enough to almost finish my estate planning, it will be finished and notarized by February 28.

It won’t be enough to give up clothes shopping in 2016. I will clear my home of all the unused clothes through purging, donations and yard sales.

It won’t be enough to think about moving my finds to the Betterment account I have had open but empty for months. I will do it.

It is no longer acceptable to me to work until 65.  I will make a new plan to semi-retire and work from my home office and or for myself within 5 years.

As far as I am concerned I have done the hard part.  I have made all the mistakes I need to in order to make the right choices going forward.  Plus, I have an awesome kid, an old house, a new to me vehicle and an emergency fund.

Let the plan begin!

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