Weekend Money – Business Travel Edition

Cartoon Airplane

Money falling

I am on my way to a conference and trade show in Orlando. I leave Saturday and return Wednesday so the weekend money will definitely be impacted.  First by making sure Mirror Image, Thrifty Pooch and the Thrifty Cottage are all taken care of. And second, by purchasing items or services I wouldn’t ordinarily purchase on account of being out-of-town.

How to spend the Weekend Money:

Church (I will donate electronically through the website since I will be out-of-town) – $328

Groceries – $25

Fun Outing – $0

Hotel* – $390

Parking* – $18

Taxi* – $40

Snacks for travel – $5

Restaurant Food* – $80

Hotel Spa Service – $125 + tip

Total – $1,011

* Travel expenses for which I will be reimbursed.  In order to accumulate travel miles and points, I will pay on my Barclay’s Arrival card.

Certainly my most expensive weekend in a long time.  If ever.

These are just Friday, Saturday and Sunday expenses.

I haven’t completely decided but I might indulge in a spa service.  Likely a massage.  It is a little pricey – like most things in Orlando.  I do have a feeling however that I will need the service since the booth we will be constructing for the conference is HEAVY.

Mirror Image will have a lot of fun this weekend that will cost me nothing extra.  While I am gone, she will go to Ripley’s Believe it or Not on Saturday and RockinJump on Sunday.  It will be nice to finally have those two adventures used up.  Plus, if she is kept busy, she won’t weep because she misses me so much.  Yeah, right…

As for my fun, being in a lovely hotel without having to get up early each morning and walk the dog is fun enough. But the cherry on top will be watching the Walking Dead (if it is available on my hotel cable), doing my taxes and taking a dip in the hot tub. All of these are free.

For now, I need to stop writing about spending money but actually go spend it and then pack.

Thrifty Image Mirror